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The majority of today Topdesigntrends focuses on the application of bold and bright colors, but that does not mean that spring would miss many of put us in a pastel mood! It itches, you can integrate soft tones in the furniture? Then you’re in luck! Our new contribution contains a number of design ideas, in which creative tips for decorating with the use of pastel colors are highlighted. And that creativity is the key word! All selections that we present today in the thematic areas which are single use of pastel colors. Exposure.

Display is quite irrelevant whether you make these soft shades of white light to balance, combined with brighter colors, include only a subtle pastel style elements or complete saturation of space approach is used with their irresistible softness – you can be sure to affect the design of an interior absolutely win! Keep an eye on our selection of photos and choose those that inspire you, even in your room walls of the house painted with pastel colors. And of course add some unexpected spots added … pairs of pastel colors with white It is indeed so that many people preferred to leave speak for themselves delicate colors, namely namely the fact that it does not cover the entire room with them. With only one accent wall, for example, did the job, especially if it has a counterpart in the form of equal pendant light shade. 

The secret: Keep the soft tones accent pieces such as decorative lighting, textiles and works of art ..

But it is the pastel colors that really stand out! The viewer is attracted by a modern murals and a lamp base grooved, while shortly after, followed by green plants

Pastel colors can also be used to generate an effect of volatile brilliance, When you combine roses with brilliant shades of gold and cream palette, the result is a heavenly haze of heat and tenderness …

If the walls are pastel painting, the option of a white fabrics and furniture proves to be a very effective and impressive way.

Add pastel tones with surprisingly bright colors acting together descriptions of action: When Pastel + white = fresh, so is + bright pastel colors = WOW! One of the biggest trends in design that we present today is based on the idea to focus on the effect of pastels by adding bright neon colors. Notice how small doses neonrosafarbenen insulating tape just give those radiant accent that requires this beautiful space …

A gray and green shadow shade wall give the dining room chairs to recognize. However, this slightly modified clay is not as simple repetition, but its presence causes an echo effect, which supports the unique details. 

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Tiles, patterns, textiles, textures and matching colors
  1. Implementing the right textures, textiles, and patterns aint easy when you wanna start the perfect harmonious interior design wether in your house, a club or a Music Hall , a Theater, cuisine, whatever you are trying to construct or renovate , you as a designer have to get to know your customer , his interests and his favorite spots and most importantly the colors he feels safe around too…we did not study the color wheel for no reason , it is not just about colors and later on I will be explaining the color psychology effects everywhere and anywhere